General terms and conditions of Central Hotel

Conclusion of the contract

A contract is concluded between the guest and the CENTRAL HOTEL in accordance with the following conditions, provided the room (s), space, space, other services have been ordered and confirmed by CENTRAL HOTEL. The same applies if CENTRAL HOTEL confirmed reservations in writing and a confirmation by the guest. If a deposit or advance payment is requested for the reservation of CENTRAL HOTEL and this is not paid in time within the agreed period, the reservation commitment is without object. If the purchaser is a registered trader and acts for him / her registered guests / participants, he is responsible for the liabilities thereby established. If the reservation confirmation deviates from the content of the registration, the content of the reservation confirmation becomes part of the contract, unless the guest has objected immediately, at the latest with the acceptance of the services. When registering for more than one person, groups, travel, seminar and conference events, CENTRAL HOTEL must be informed of the number and, if applicable, of the participant lists up to 3 days before arrival or event. Political events are to be clearly marked when registering.


Arrival and departure

Unless otherwise agreed, check-in is not possible before 15:00 on the day of arrival, and the check-out time must be returned by 11:00 on the day of departure. For a scheduled departure after 11:00, the guest should inform the reception. If CENTRAL HOTEL agrees, the full price of the room must be paid for the check-out by 18:00 and the full price of the room after 18:00. Arrivals at reserved rooms must be done by 18:00 at the latest. If this does not happen, CENTRAL HOTEL can dispose of the rooms in other ways. Exceptions are: Reservations prepaid or for which a voucher is issued or a credit card number of a credit card company accepted by CENTRAL HOTEL.



The contractual scope of services of the hotel is stated in the brochure information or the agreements made. If the applicable VAT rate changes during the contract period, CENTRAL HOTEL is entitled to adjust the prices to the new VAT rate. The tourist tax is not part of the hotel and arrangement price.



Subject to separate arrangements, the fee is due for reservations on arrival, otherwise with the departure of the guest. For a stay of more than 3 days, CENTRAL HOTEL can issue an interim invoice. If the guest is in default of payment, the hotel may cancel the agreement with immediate effect. The assertion of further damage, in particular the loss of other rental, is reserved for CENTRAL HOTEL. If the guest terminates his stay prematurely, he nevertheless remains obliged to pay the remainder of the remuneration, unless he proves that CENTRAL HOTEL has failed to provide adequate re-letting. Place of performance for the payment obligations of the guest is the registered office of the hotel. This also applies if the guest has been credited with the payment. Payments by credit card companies, checks or bills of exchange are only on account of performance.



Cancellations of a made reservation are possible as follows:
Logis up to 10 people Arrangements: Cancellation is free of charge until 4 weeks before arrival. If the guest does not accept his arrangement or does not cancel in time, 90% of the price of the entire booking will be charged.
Hotel room: a cancellation is possible until the 2nd day before arrival free of charge. If canceled after the 2nd day before arrival, or in case of no-show, the full night will be charged. Exceptions to this are the times of a fair, in the season (May to December) or other major events in the region. Cancellation is only free of charge up to the 30th day before arrival in these times, otherwise CENTRAL HOTEL will charge 80% of the accommodation needs for the booked period.
Logis from 15 persons (group arrangement):
Cancellation is free of charge if canceled 8 weeks prior to arrival. If the guest does not accept his arrangement or does not cancel in time, 90% of the price of the entire booking will be charged.



The guest or the organizer is liable to the MH & MS Hotels GmbH for the damage caused by him or her guests. MH & MS Hotels GmbH shall not be liable to the guest or the contractual partner if the provision of services in the event of a strike or force majeure becomes impossible. CENTRAL HOTEL endeavors in such cases to procure equivalent services elsewhere. MH & MS Hotels GmbH is liable to the guest in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code (up to 100 times the room price, maximum 3.500,00 Euro); for money and valuables according to § 702 BGB, however, only up to 800 euros, unless MH & MS Hotels GmbH or its staff is at fault, or the valuables or the money were given MH & MS Hotels GmbH against receipt of a receipt for safekeeping. If the guest brings a motor vehicle and this is parked on a parking space provided by CENTRAL HOTEL, then the liability of MH & MS Hotels GmbH is limited by the liability insurance taken out for this purpose. In the case of events, it is up to the contracting party to insure brought objects against theft or damage or destruction. Liability of MH & MS Hotels GmbH is excluded.



If the guest uses the rooms provided to him for a purpose other than agreed, then CENTRAL HOTEL has an extraordinary right of termination. If CENTRAL HOTEL has justified cause to believe that an event endangers the smooth operation, security or reputation of the house or the guests, as well as in case of force majeure or internal unrest CENTRAL HOTEL can terminate the contract without notice. The same applies if an event organizer advertises in a daily newspaper without the consent of CENTRAL HOTEL, which serve as an invitation to job interviews or sales events. In these cases, CENTRAL HOTEL is entitled to the agreed compensation even in the case of termination.



Animals may only be brought with the prior consent of CENTRAL HOTEL and against payment of a supplement. In public areas, such as bar, breakfast room, etc., pets are not allowed. Wake-up orders, information, post and shipments are not binding. Claims, of whatever kind from this, the guest can not derive. Lost property (left-over items) will be forwarded on request for reimbursement. The retention period is 6 months. In the case of free transport of the guest by CENTRAL HOTEL, the liability is limited in accordance with the motor vehicle insurance for personal injury and property damage. At events, the bringing of food and drinks is excluded. The decoration of the event rooms requires a special agreement, as long as it is not just table decoration.



The correction of errors as well as printing and calculation errors remains reserved. Verbal agreements will not be effective until they have been confirmed by CENTRAL HOTEL in writing. For any disputes arising from this contract and its fulfillment, as far as permitted by law, the registered office of the hotel shall be deemed agreed. Should one of the above provisions be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions. Instead of the invalid provision, a valid regulation that comes closest to it applies.